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election day is on august 2nd! • your vote counts!

representative-elect alabas farhat

why i'm running

I am running for the Michigan House's 3rd District seat because I believe in our community's potential to work together and continue down our path of revitalization. I discovered my passion for public service in the Michigan House of Representatives working as a legislative intern. Through my daily communication and work with constituents, I quickly identified that real change starts with the people. Since that time, I have pursued both professional and academic paths that center this belief. Together, I believe that we can make positive changes in our city's infrastructure, environment, and public schools. Listening, responding, and working with the residents of our district is the key to improving the standard of living and creating change for generations to come.

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As our environment continues to change so too must our infrastructure. New investments ARE needed to bring our city into the 21st century, employing sustainable practices in the process.


Public Health

Ensuring we all have clean air to breathe and water to drink will always be a priority. The consequences of climate change are real and our state’s government is crucial in safeguarding our future.

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