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who am i?

Alabas Farhat is an advocate and organizer from Southeast Michigan. A son of immigrants, Alabas is a labor organizer, policy analyst, and a Wayne County Government Appointee committed to empowering the many diverse communities that make up our 3rd district.


Farhat graduated from the University of Michigan Dearborn with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health and went on to pursue a Master of Public Policy at the University of Michigan's Ford School of Public Policy with a focus on social policy development. 


Throughout his career, Farhat has served at all levels of government - local, county, state, and federal. These roles carried one common purpose: improving living standards for all. During Farhat's time with Wayne County as a Government Affairs Appointee, he uniquely blended his policy and public health backgrounds to craft people-centered solutions across Southeast Michigan, employing evidence-based practices in the process.

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